Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quick Follow-Up

I realized that I forgot to say in the last post that my new personal blog, Critical Linking, has email and RSS subscriptions set up.

So if you'd like to port yourself on over, here is the link to sign-up for email subscriptions, and here is the RSS feed link.

So far, I've been posting 2-3 short things a day there and enjoying the new format.

Thanks again,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goodbye, Ape

This blog got me started. And it's time to officially let it go.

I write about books and reading every day for Book Riot. I've long been thinking how to keep The Reading Ape going, but anything I would do here, I can do there. And Book Riot is a significant part of my professional life now.

But I do want to keep a personal blog, so I've started a new little site: Critical Linking. It'll be about books, reading, publishing, media, and a few other personal interests. Short forms, brief commentary, the occasional longer piece. Stuff that's maybe a little too insidery for the general reader (that stuff will go to Book Riot) and maybe a little more opinionated. Or not.

If you want to keep up with me, Twitter is the best way...the Ape will live on as I keep the same handle: @readingape.

Critical Linking will have its own Twitter feed, which will just be new posts on it: @crit_linking.

Thanks so much for reading.