Review Policy and Contact

The Ape is open to receiving review copies from publishers, agents, and authors.  However, we only make time for literary fiction and literary history, so unless your book could reasonably be shelved in either category, we’re probably not a good fit for you.

Also, we make no promises about giving the book a review, let alone a positive one.  We’re committed to giving any accepted book a fair chance, but our reading time is too dear to us to promise more.  Unfortunately, we’re not currently equipped to accept e-books or other digital formats.

We’re also not interested, for the time being, in blog tours, author interviews, guest posts, or giveaways, but this state of affairs is subject to change.

If, after all this, you’d like to discuss submitting your book or would like to know more about our readership, please do email us at readingape (at) You can also get ahold of us on Twitter: @readingape.

The Reading Ape