Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the Morrow: Book Expo America

Tomorrow, the Ape will swing through the Javits Center and Book Expo America to hunt two books and two books alone: Jonathan Franzen's Freedom and Jon Clinch's Kings of the Earth

Full impressions from the exhibition hall floor on Thursday, but follow us live on Twitter in the meantime: @readingape.

Friday, we'll be attending the Book Blogger Convention, where we're hoping to meet some fellow bloggers and pick up some ideas for these friendly confines.


  1. good luck on your quest! I'll get there someday...I hope!

  2. I wasn't able to get to either convention this year with the move - my husband will be home this weekend (the only time for a month).

    I hope you will post/blog about both experiences. I can't wait to read about it. Have a wonderful time.