Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out of the Monkey House

The Ape answered a few questions about books and blogging for Becky over at Page Turners. If you'd like to know the origin of the name "The Reading Ape" or why we once wedged books under a washing machine, head on over there and take a look. Many thanks to Becky for the space and time.


  1. Caught your interview and subscribed - looking forward to reading.

  2. Just read the interview, Skip.

    I liked your comments about book bloggers - I've had the same reaction from all of us 'B' list book bloggers - everyone is really helpful.

    I also share your 'no idea' with choosing books. Often, it's that another blogger recommends a book, or I wander into the bookshop or the library and books jump off the shelves and beg me to take them!

  3. Sean-
    Nice to have you aboard Sean.

    I haven't really run into anyone who hasn't been helpful, though I've been a bit shy about contacting folks, so my data set is somewhat limited.

    And yea, I'm not sure if my/our selection process is good or bad, but it definitely is mysterious.

  4. I'm just hopping by!

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    I'm a new follower!