Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Link Piece: March 7-March 14, 2011

Literary links from the week that was....

"After all, what good does this access do if we can only find our way back to ourselves, the same selves, the same interests, the same beliefs over and over? Is what we really want to be solidified, or changed? If solidified, then the Internet is well-designed for that need. But, if we wish to be changed, to be challenged and undone, then we need a means of placing ourselves in the path of an accident"
In The New Republic, Nicole Krauss makes a case for bookstores as place to encounter difference

"86. Novels do not take orders well, if at all. They are not soldiers, usually, or waiters. They do badly at housework and will not clean silver.
87. Novels do not wait. They are poor chaffeurs."

Alexander Chee lists 100 things about a novel.   

"I know that it is now considered gauche for artists and progressive types to talk about money, despite the fact that concern over the exploitation of labor used to be the driving force of leftist thought, but I am not talking about people getting rich. I am talking about a very practical question of how one’s time can be spent." 

"Kirkus will continue to expand and add more of the best book blogs over the next few months. Stick around. The conversation is just getting started." 
Review giant Kirkus is letting the barbarians into the citadel.  

"Somewhat like a link-infested blog post, Montaigne’s writing is dripping with quotations, and can sometimes read almost as an anthology. His “links” are mainly classical, most often to Plato, Cicero and Seneca."

Happy Ides, all....

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