Monday, May 30, 2011

Updates on Book Blogging Survey and Book Blogger Con Swag Giveaway

Two follow-up things on this Memorial Day:

1. The responses to my eight questions about book blogging have been excellent. I encourage those of you interested in the present and future of book blogging to check them out. I think I will not respond myself and let my series of posts on book blogging speak for themselves.

2. The interest in my Book Blogger Convention Swag Giveaway has also been strong. The stuff is sitting right here next to me. I won't go through it (that spoils the fun), but there are 8-10 books and a variety of other trinkets. I'll keep entries open until tomorrow night at 11:59pm EST. If you still haven't entered and want to, just send an email to readingape AT gmail DOT com and include a link to your book blog (sorry book bloggers only please).

Reflections on the Book Blogger Convention coming up...maybe today, but probably tomorrow.

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