Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Book Blogger Unconference

If you are a book blogger, I want to pitch you an idea. It's an idea that came out of being unhappy with what someone else is doing and thinking that we, together, can do it better.

Most of you have either attended or heard of the Book Blogger's Convention that has for the last couple of years followed Book Expo America. Started and organized by a group of bloggers, it was a day of panels about book blogging and the publishing industry. I've been twice and loved meeting people I've known and read online, and I was looking forward to going again this year, though mostly to hang out in the hall and talk to folks.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's an event I want to go to anymore. The short story is that the convention was sold to the same company that runs Book Expo America. Since that sale, BEA has made a series of decisions that ultimately has led me to decide not to attend, including asking for blog stats as part of the registration, asking for and accepting money and reservations without providing a list of speakers, and forming panels and sessions that don't speak to me as a book blogger.

So what I want to do is this: organize a book blogger "unconference" and hold it they day the BEA Blogger Convention is happening. (I don't mind competing with it, but that's not why I want it to be that day---it's just that bloggers are going to be in NYC that day anyway.)

When BookCamp happened a while back, I thought "Man, I wish there was something like that for book bloggers." (Here is a wrap-up that gives you an idea of what this could feel like) And now seems like a good time to make it happen.

I am going to need help, but here's what I have in mind.

1. Bloggers only. All you need to be eligible is a book blog.

2. Low-cost. We are not going to pay anyone to speak or ask you to pay for a stale chicken sandwich. The registration fee will go toward the space cost. And that's it. We might consider sponsors. We might not. Worth talking about.

3. Self-run. No one knows what book bloggers want to talk about more than book bloggers. And you know what, no one is more expert on book blogging than book bloggers. Let's talk to each other rather than be talked at by others.

4. Small sessions, blogger-generated. Sessions will be informal, seminar-like group discussions. There are a couple of ways of handling this, but the key element is we decide what to talk about and we ourselves talk about it. In each session slot (say 1pm-2pm) a couple of sessions will be happening and you are encouraged to move from one to the other.


We can talk about sessions later, but I thought some examples might be helpful in imaging what this could look like:

1. Writing Negative Reviews
2. Dealing with Publishers
3. Commenting and Its Discontents
4. Peer Reviewing Blog Design
5. Using Statistics
6. Monetization
7. Collaboration
8. Getting the Most Out of Social Media
9. Guest Posts and Posting
10. Book Blogging for Beginners
11. Book Blogging for Veterans
12. Podcasting
13. Apps and Ereaders
14. From Blog to Job
15. Niche sessions (YA, Literary Fiction, Romance, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, and so on)
and on and on....


I teach at The New School in Greenwich Village in New York City and know the facilities well. I have begun the process of finding out what might be available and at what cost. I have an idea for what space there would be perfect, but this is still in the very early stage.

That said: here's what I need from you now:

1. Based only on the above, would you consider attending?

2. Would you help? I'm not even sure yet what all we will need doing, but we're going to need to work together?

3. What comments or questions do you have?

4. Get the word out. We need to get at least 30-40 people to make this worth doing, so please post and Tweet about this post and have people comment here or on your own blog. Even if you can't make it, it would be huge help. And if you think it's not for you but think it might be for someone you know, please let them know as well.

I'm really excited about the possibility here and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

-Jeff O'Neal, aka The Reading Ape


  1. If I were going to be in NY I would definitely attend this. It has everything that I am interested in. I hope you get a good response

  2. I would attend I would certainly help i think if you did it for say only half a day it would be better and maybe just had one big room where people could float from topic to topic in the room for the panels that would save money or I you could get different rooms that would work, and as long as we could order food in if we wanted that would be cool. Email me Alix (dot) n (dot) taylor at gmail (dot) com if you want some help or to discuss.

  3. I would attend, and I would help. Cassandra and I talked last year about how valuable we think small discussions are in this type of atmosphere. It's less fun and less helpful to be in really long, big sessions that may or may not address our needs.

  4. 1. Count me the f$%# in!
    2. I'll help (as much as I can from afar). For sure.
    3. My comment is that I love this idea. Another comment, and I hate to introduce annoying business speak into this, but one thing that might help sessions, especially those that are self-run, maintain a modicum of focus, is to include what should be "key takeaways" from each session. That can help users decide which to attend. But maybe you don't even want to be that formal - just a though. Also, a good topic might be "What Do You Hope To Achieve By Book Blogging (other than fun)?" - you've kind of got that covered in #14, but if I'm not looking for a job, what can other bloggers tell me about their reason for being? 

  5. I would love to help. This is a great idea. You can contact me on my blog. Even if it's a behind the scenes job, I would like to be a part of it

  6. I'd attend, I've participated in a book camp and loved it. I'd also help out as needed.

  7. I am soooo in for this! From my experience with academic conferences, I know that people do not need to be in the same city to plan an event worth attending.  I have lots and lots of thoughts, and I'll share them later. Off to teach class now :) 

  8. 1. I will be there with metaphorical bells on (that is not really a metaphor, is it?).
    2. I will also help. I'll be coming in Sunday on the train, so I could do any number of helping-type things. 
    3. I have no other comments except to say that I find it so odd that we have to arrange a separate event for book bloggers because we won't be having book bloggers at the book blogger conference.

  9. I absolutely 100% am in. Love the idea, have attended BookCamp in Toronto and it was really fantastic. I think it would work fantastically for bloggers. Let me know what I can do to help, I'm up for anything! I will be away with no computer / internet for the next two weeks but other than that... can help with anything!

  10. This sounds like such a great idea! I don't know if I'll be able to attend, since I'm still in high school and my parents don't want me missing to much school. But if you do have this I would try to attend! There are also some great topics up there!

  11. I'm SO in. 

  12. I'm really interested. I think this is a great idea.

  13. 1. I'm in about as much as I possible can be in.
    2. I can definitely help. I'm haven't booked any tickets yet, so I can get in whenever is needed. Saturday, Sunday, whenever. 
    3. My only comment is that I love that you took the reins on this. I am fist pumping in excitement.

  14. I think this sounds wonderful and I am in. I live in Virginia, but would be happy to help as much as I can from here. I'll be arriving in NYC after 8pm Sunday night, so I can't help much in person until the actual day of the event.

    Jeff, this sounds fantastic and has reignited my joy. Thank you!

  15. Wow, what a great idea! I decided not to attend BEA this year and am instead attending TXLA 2012, but if I were to be in New York, I would _totally_ go to and help with the Blogger Unconference.

    Best wishes! Hopefully I can be there next year. I've tweeted about it, at any rate :-)

  16. BooksaremyboyfriendsMarch 21, 2012 at 5:15 PM

    I'm down, Farmer Brown!

  17. missnewyorkattitudeMarch 21, 2012 at 5:17 PM

    Sadness. I LOVE this idea and totally would want to be there, but I can't miss any more school than I already might be. Definitely going to spread the word to others though!

  18. I would totally do this, but I'm headed to New York later in the month of June for my sister's graduation, and can't afford two trips up. Rats!!!! Dang it dang it dang it! Any possible way we could figure out a way to do it by video as well? Maybe Skype or something?

  19. I'm absolutely with you in spirit. As a once-again Midwesterner, I won't be making the trip to BEA this year, but I'm glad to see Book Blogger Con returning to what it should be. If I can help as a non-attendee from afar, count me in for behind the scenes assistance.

  20. I second this! I can't get to NYC but I'd love to be involved in some way - video after the fact, skype during? Something? I'd obviously pay for the access!

  21. I am not able to attend, but this is definitely something I would be interested in.  If I can do anything remotely to help, please let me know.

  22. I think you know this already, but I'm in. 

  23. Fantastic. One thing we should think about is if there is any way to include people who can't make it to the physical location

  24. Yea, I think we should think about options here!

  25. Armchair BEA is a really fun event. It might be possible to tie into what they're already doing in some way.

  26. Based on the feedback already, some sort of offering for people who can't be there in body is definitely a priority

  27. Thanks so much Amy. Your experience at unconferences will undoutably be useful.

  28. great idea, I cannot go, but I'm spreading the word thru twitter and google +

  29. I'm in. I love the unconferences.

  30. Now that I am at a computer, I would love to see some blogging code people there to talk about design/coding/plugings and stuff like that. Idea sharing about making some of the most repetitive tasks that we bloggers do more streamlined so we can focus on stuff like creating content. The technical issues of blogging often drive me to tears.

  31. I am a new blogger,less than a year and my busy life can keep me offline more than I like. I was truly looking forward to the old conference. I thought I could learn a lot and meet ppl.
    I would love to attend your version of.
    I would defense attend were it to happen. I am in CT. And going to BEA so I'll be close.
    The New School is an awesome place btw.

  32. I meant definitely attend. I can't shut off auto correct ツ

  33. I would possibly be interested to going. I will be goind to BEA this year

  34. I would absolutely attend, provided I could get the day off of work.  I had been planning on going to the Book Blogger Con for months, but now I'm faltering.  I've never been before, but when I checked out the registration page it seemed much more expensive than I recalled hearing about.  

    Something less formal appeals to me much more, anyway.  

  35. Alright, we'll try to make it something worth getting to. 

  36. Man, that would be great. What tasks are you thinking of specifically?

  37. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I've been book blogging for less than a year (but pro blogging in other areas for 4). I would definitely love to help in any way I can. Ideas:

    * Simple, practical HTML - tweak your blog design right then & there
    * How to utilize your old blog content/ reviews
    * Online tools to help organize blogging

  38. I think it would help to learn how to evaluate premium plugins. What to look for in designs.  What are the right questions to ask about theme designers for starters.

    What plugins can we use to generate things like buy links.

    What affiliate programs should we use? How do we place ads? Where should we place them?  Do ads impair our impartiality?

    What is the best way to run a giveaway, pick a winner, track prizes.  Stuff like that? I like really practical, pragmatic stuff.  Not that the more philosophical things aren't great, but there is a lot of busy work associated with blogging.

    One of the things I really wanted to get out of the blogging conference was learning how people were doing things. I want to learn from others.  

  39. I haven't been an active book blogger lately, but I still love the community. I live in the east village and would be happy to assist with any local needs.

  40. I'm in as well! Saw this earlier but was in the throws of cupcake making.  So I've come back to say i'm in and willing to help however I can!

  41. I'm an author & blogger by day. Comedy producer & publicist by night. I book the 92YTribeca and, though I usually book comedy, I could help in securing the space for this if you're interested.

  42. You're welcome to do it at The Center for Fiction, if that helps. Just email or give me a call.

  43. Cath @ Constance ReaderMarch 22, 2012 at 1:27 AM

    I was planning on attending BEA this year--my first--because I'd like to connect with other bloggers. But I have to admit I have been intimidated by the size, the scope, the hype, the cliquishness of the event. This sounds much more manageable and approachable and I'd love to hear more.

  44. I would LOVE to attend! If you need anyone to help out with admin type stuff I'd be happy to be your person. 

  45. If there is a major plan for the uncon, I would be open to helping out and organizing. I work in NYC also. I will admit, I still want to go to BEA blogger con, but if the uncon has more concentrated talks or panels that interest me and a good plan, I would go.

  46. i would attend, depending on cost and whether poetry is included in the discussion somewhere.

  47. If I were in America, I'd come in a flash ... great idea, and good on you.

  48. If I was still a New Yorker I would definitely go to this one. I never had the desire to go to the other, but I am intrigued by your intro to the unconference. Good luck to you if you make it happen! (If someone would make it happen near Dallas,TX that would be even better). So aggravating all the good stuff is in the Big Apple after I left it.

  49. Jeff, I am very much into this idea. Attending a blogger convention to have things pushed on me I don't want pushed sounds like a waste of my time. I would be going for the first time and I wanted to go for the sake of meeting the people I interact with so frequently, networking, and learning about something I enjoy. Your uncon sounds like exactly what I want. I am coming up with Amanda (dead white guys) on Sunday and will help out in any way possible.

  50. As someone who's still a newish blogger --

    1. Yes. I wanted to attend the BEA one this year as my first blogger convention but disliked the ideas behind it.2. I would. I work in Manhattan and live in Jersey so anything I could help with, I'd definitely be there.

  51. If I'm able to go to BEA, I'd be interested in this, Jeff.  But that's a big *IF*.  It's a long way from Montana to NYC.  I'd have to start hitch-hiking now.

  52. I'm in. I can discuss podcasting. I've interviewed 60+ writers and authors for my podcast.

  53. I second Jane -- learning more about the technical side of blogging is always useful, and someone who knows what they are doing with it seems like it might be more helpful than my standard Googling process, which yields... let's just say spotty results.

  54. I would love, love, love to attend. I'm pretty low on PTO, so not sure I actually CAN attend, but I think this is a spectacular, lovely, wonderful idea. I'd also be happy to help from afar even if I can't make it up to NYC that day. 

  55. Man, I would so be up for this if I were in the States. Glad to see you're getting such great response. I'm assuming that this is going to happen, so I'm looking forward to a breakdown of the conference and the unconference.


    It sounds exciting.  I’m


    I’ve been wavering as to whether I was going to attend BBC
    this year  – I’ve been waiting to see the
    list of the panelists since the actually panel topics themselves sounded kinda’
    boring.  Personally I’m not against being
    put in front of publishers & authors per se, but I want to know who those
    publishers/authors are & what they’re going to talk about so that I can
    make an informed decision as what is the best use of time.


    I’m happy to help out. 
    When you get to that point you might want to post what you need help
    with so that people can sign up their services based on availability and how
    they feel they’d be most useful.


    My only other comment is that I was excited to see Book Blogging
    for Veterans & Peer Reviewing of Blog Design in your list of possible
    categories (you might want to make lists of “supplies” for Bloggers to bring to
    specific sessions).  I found some of last
    year’s BBC panels fun mainly because of the other bloggers I got to spend time
    with – but not as informative or useful as I hoped.  A lot of what you have listed sounds more
    like workshops… which would be pretty fab.

  57. Marie,

    I live in Houston.  If we can make it work for NYC and all goes well, then I may look at getting something together down this way for later in the summer.  There is a huge blogging community in Texas, and I know that there would be a lot of people who were interested in attending.

  58. I've already registered for BBC (WAY early, before it was bought by BEA), but I have to admit this sounds like something much more my speed, and I'd definitely consider blowing off part of that to check this out. I'm really more interested in spending time with other bloggers than with publisher reps.

    (As an aside, I've registered for other conferences before the programming was announced, most notably BlogHer, which has been known to sell out well in advance, so that aspect of the BEA acquisition of BBC hasn't bothered me. But BlogHer is a conference where the community develops the programming. As this "unconference" would be. As it looked like BBC was GOING to be, before the sale...OK, enough digression.)

    1) Already answered above
    2) I'm open to helping once there's some idea of what needs to be done. I'm in California, but I'll be arriving in NYC on the Saturday before BEA.
    3) Do you already have a small organizing group in place? I'm seeing a lot of enthusiasm here, which is great, but it'll need to be harnessed for the planning process. I'm also a little concerned about the potential for cliquishness.
    4) Having said that, I'm glad to help get the word out, and I'll be watching what develops!

  59. Can't make it, as I'm a long way from New York, but wish you luck - what a great idea!

  60. Both of us are interested in going! so +2 here! :) We'd love to help out in any way we can.

  61. I probably cannot attend this year, but would be happy to provide any help I can from Virginia.

    I will mention your idea on my blog.

    I will plan to attend in future years.

    If I think I have a good idea, I will put it in the suggestion box.

    I will say yours is a great idea (your examples are excellent) and am happy you are taking the initiative to make it a reality.

  62. After sitting back and putting some distance between myself and the chaos of yesterday and its residual run-off ... I think what is being proposed here has some wonderful potential. 

    An informal gathering with like minded conversation that promotes an everyone-as-equal atmosphere, dishing on topics that drive deep into the heart and minds of bloggers.... Who can argue with that?As a book blogger who personally adores being a part of the indie publisher/author communities, I feel the need to point out that I see a lot of value in adding authors and publishers into the mix - it's one of the things I liked about the previous BBC. But I also understand the need for a blogger-only hide-out, where conversation runs freely without concerns... I just feel sad about the potential rift between bloggers now... those attending BEA-BBC and those attending the Uncon. It would seem that no matter what we attend, we might not all be attending it together...All that said.... The hive-mind can be a very powerful engine when placed in the right sort of vehicle!So.....I would be interested to hear what we can do to help. I am only a two hour drive from the city and would be willing to offer my assistance if I can. I am available the Sunday before if you needed a hand... 

  63. LitBreaker would pony up some as a sponsor. and I'd be there, too. 

  64. I won't be able to go but I'd love it if you'd do a hashtag for Twitter when it's on, like BookCamp does, to give us people at home some idea of what's happening. Good luck!

  65. Abookishaffair (Meg Wessell)March 23, 2012 at 2:47 PM

    I really like this idea a lot. I've only been book blogging for a year so I never have been to BEA but it just doesn't really seem like my kind of thing. However, I'd love to attend an unconference. I would definitely be will to help out in any way that I could.

  66. I enjoyed the conference well enough last year, but even before the developments involving the buyout, I didn't feel a strong urge to go again because what I valued was talking with other bloggers, rather than sitting through sessions about things I already know or have figured out for myself or don't want to know about. With large sessions, it's hard to have topics that will suit the broad range of bloggers out there. This format seems much more amenable to bloggers' diverse interests and needs and certainly appeals to me more. So in answer to your questions:

    1. I would consider attending, but I'm not sure how feasible it will be for me (work scheduling issues).

    2. If I'm able to attend, I'd be willing to help. If I'm not, I would certainly be willing to bounce around ideas.

    3. From reading your other post and Jessica's post at Read React Review, I wonder if it might be a good idea to explore having this on the day after BEA, rather than before, just to ameliorate the impression that this is a boycott/competition move. It might not be feasible at this stage if enough potential participants have made travel plans, but it's something to consider.

    Also, I think one key to making this a great event is reaching out to a broad swathe of the blogging community for helpers, discussion facilitators, and whatnot. I share Florinda's concern about the appearance of cliquishness. Asking straight-out for help is a good step, IMO.

    Possible other topics, off the top of my head: Dealing with Criticism and Controversy, Being Part of the Community/Finding Your Blogging "Tribe," Discovering/Maintaining Your Blogging Voice/Style.

    4. I'll try to post about this in the next few days.

  67. I'm not going to BEA this year, but was planning on going next year and the BBC was one fo the reasons I wanted to go.  From what I've been reading here and at the Book Lady, it sounds like what you're proposing is what I'm really looking for.

    I know my vote probably doesn't count since I'm not going, but if I was, I would totally be there.

  68. Sheila (Book Journey)March 23, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    I am interested.... not sure what I am doing yet but have not registered for the con yet as I have been waiting for details, very interested in hearing more and possibly interested in helping as well if there is a use for me :) 

    Thanks for the fun idea!

  69. I'm interested. Please keep me informed. Thank you!

  70. I am interested in attending, however, since this is the first year the BEA is handling the BBC, I am planning to attend at least a part of it to see what good/bad has come of it.  I think your idea is great, but I also think if we make our voices heard, the conference could be made better.  This is a good example of a corporation trying to do what a small group did better without the first-hand knowledge of what made it a good event. 

    I look forward to both events and while my schedule doesn't allow for much help, I will put up some posts to get the word out.

  71. I'd be very interested ! I've only been blogging for a few months and was so excited to hear about BBC but when I saw the program for this year and compared it to previous years I was a little disappointed


  72. Beverly @ The WormholeMarch 28, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    I'm IN!!!

  73. Hi Jeff, I read the post about the BEA issues and the unconference on Rebecca, The Book Lady's blog and followed her link here to you. I think your idea is great. I'm in, I'd attend and I'd like to help.  I live in Brooklyn so I'm already here like you, which may be helpful.  I don't have any comments or questions yet but want to think about this..will post about this, too!

  74. Will attend. Will help.

  75. I would absolutely attend. I would absolutely help within my capacity as an overbooked freelancer/grad school student. No questions --  it sounds like an excellent idea. And I will get the word out, yessiree bob. (Lisa Peet from Like Fire, in case I don't get blessed with a Gravatar.)

  76. This sounds super awesome! Attending BEA but not the blogger con, so I'm all for an uncon. I live in Manhattan, so if you need any help from me my twitter is @KeriPayton and my blog email is quillcafe at gmail dot com.

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