Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swinging in Somebody Else's Tree

Aarti over at Booklust has a recurring feature in which readers and bloggers talk about a favorite, perhaps under-the-radar book.
One book that you adore, that you prize, that changed your life, that you would save from a burning building, that you found serendipitously on a library shelf or at a used bookstore, looking lonely and ignored.  A book that thrills you but that, you have come to realize, no one else has really ever heard of, much less read. 
We offered The Hunters by James Salter, and Aarti was gracious enough to post it. Salter was well-known in the middle of the last century, but he is criminally under-appreciated now. So head on over and check out my humble exhortation to try The Hunters.


  1. I'd have to say Cloudstreet by Tim Winton is my desert island read, as well as my dessert island read.

    I'll look for The Hunters...

  2. Thanks so much for participating in the series, Skip! I shall keep an eye out for The Hunters and anything else by Salter.