Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Additions to Notable Release Calendar

A little while ago, I created a shareable calendar for The Millions' list of notable forthcoming releases and a modified version of it with a few personal additions.

Today, I'm adding a couple of new titles to the list: We the Animals by Justin Torres and When She Woke by Hillary Jordan.

Significant Twitter chatter spurred me to find out a little about We The Animals. After a little follow-up, this debut novel about a working-class, mixed race family not only sounds compelling from the synopsis, but glowing blurbs from Marilynne Robinson, Paul Harding, Dorothy Allison, Michael Cunningham and others raised my eyebrow. There are a few authors who can get me to read a book by blurbing it and Marilynne Robinson is one of them. The last book I read on the strength of blurb from her was Paul Harding's Tinker, which went on the win the Pulitzer Prize.

I don't remember where I first heard about When She Woke, but a dystopic retelling of The Scarlet Letter warrants at least a sample download. Haven't heard much early buzz, but I will give this a wide berth to be interesting.

If you have other books you are looking forward to that are not on the calendar already, I'd like to hear about them. Can't have too many in the dugout is what I say.

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  1. I'm also looking forward to When She Woke - I had not noticed We The Animals (I'm not spending enough time on twitter, lately, it seems) but it sounds very interesting. Your calendar already has most of the books I'm excited about, adding to a hopelessly long TBR list.

  2. Yea, I think the calendar might be exacerbating my TBR problem, not giving it structure or priority.

  3. Do you think structuring TBR lists by priority is helpful? I've found that what I read next tends to be based on whatever happens to sound appealing at the moment I need to start a new book. Sometimes I hem and haw for a couple days. I guess I'm undisciplined like that.

  4. Well, with review copied the needed organizational priority is temporal so a calendar helps. Doesn't help with volume, just some structure.